A Word from the Pastor

The church is often referred to in the Bible as “The Body of Christ”. Though we can’t see Christ with our eyes, we can see and get a glimpse of His nature by observing the church in action. In a time when the commitment level is running low in regards to the local church, I’m grateful for those who have chosen to stand up and be a committed part of God’s army. The church is by no means perfect or without flaws; however, it is still God’s only agent to reconcile the lost to Himself. The members of New Hope represent people who are at different stages in their walk with Christ. Some are more mature in their faith while others are young in Christ. Some are struggling while others are walking victoriously in their faith. Hopefully they are each seeking to be more like Him as they endeavor to honor Him with their lives. We invite you to join us in the greatest adventure offered to man – an invitation to be a committed part of The Body of Christ. Heaven is counting on you!

In His Grip, 

Herb Williams, Pastor