4th Sunday

1st - 5th grade stay with parents

Pre-Registration for Nursery to Kindergarten

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  • Pre-registration is required each Sunday that you plan to attend. Deadline to register each week will be on Friday of that week.
  • Check in is required the day on your phone through KIDCHECK. If you don not have the app, please download and create a free account.
  • Mask will be required for teachers and all students 1st grade - 5th grade. Not required for birth to kindergarten.
  • Temps will be taken at check in. If any symptoms or elevated temp, your child will not be allowed to participate. This is to protect and adhere to state COVID guidelines.
  • For safety reason, the building will be one way entrance and exit.
  • Please take your child to the restroom before entering the Fellowship hall if at all possible to eliminate the need for them to go during class time.
  • No parents or guardians will be allowed beyond the check in point either to drop off or pick up children to help limit contact and social distancing limitations in the small areas such as stairwells and hallways.
  • Children's Chapel will be closed at this time. Children will remain in classrooms at all times.
  • Children will not be dismissed until all worship is complete.